Professional - Software Development Career

My first computer interest went back to in the year 1984 right after I graduated from my high school. That summer, I bought my first IBM XT computer from Fry's. It was only 4 Mhz with 20 MB dish, and 640K RAM. The monitor had only 16 colors. The printer was a dot matrix. It ran on MSDOS.

That fall, I attended collect and enroll in a Turbo Pascal programming class. Soon after, I got a parttime job as a data entry/payroll clerk. There, I developed my first professional program to help with my data entry and payroll process. I called it payroll program. This program cuts my data entry time down to 1/3, and it helped calculate and print paychecks. Overtime, I added in quarterly and annually tax calculation and year-end W2 electronic filling functions.

Throughtout my software development career, I have worked for many companies from startup to big corporation and have designed and developed many programs and projects. Today, I have mastered the following programming languages and technologies :

Programming Languages Technologies
  • Visual C++
  • Visual Basic
  • Delphi/Turbo Pascal
  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP, ASP, and JavaScript
  • Internet: XML/HTML/Web Services
  • Database: SQL Server/Oracle/MySQL/Tamino XML
  • OS: Windows and Linux
  • Network: TCP/IP and Cat 5 Cabling
  • Others: PC Repair and Phone system installation